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649 Hours

Sometimes in life you do something and think “why didn’t I do that sooner?”.

For me that happened when I decided to use a meditation app.

I went with Waking Up by Sam Harris because the marketing emails worked on me.

It seemed like an app that was investing in guest experts going really deep on how to practice mindfulness (and with beautiful visual designs to match).

Basically it seemed like an app that was well-suited to the advanced practitioner (such as myself).

The app begins with a a recommended 28-day course.

I’m up to day 4/5 I think. Already we have touched on breath, sensations in the body and even sounds.

I am suprised we have covered so much in so little time.

The way I saw it before was that each of these “styles” of meditation was distinct and a whole world unto itself.

I felt like I could spend a whole lifetime just focusing on the breath.

Then Sam Harris comes along and squeezes breath-work into a 10-minute meditation with body scanning and sounds?

I thought it was actually pretty good though. I felt like doing it this way broke down the walls or the siloes between these different types of experience.

I was left feeling very clear-headed.

And I love the quality of mindfulness in his voice. You can really hear that he knows what he’s talking about.

I can also appreciate a fellow empire-builder when I see one too 😉

I am chomping at the bit to get my 1,000 hours meditation tattoo… but I have only done 649 hours as of writing this.

After my university exams finish I was thinking of going in deep… like maybe doing 50-100 hours in a month.

In any case I want to reach 1,000 hours by the end of the year at the latest.


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