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The End of the Affair by Graham Greene

I found this book very worthwhile precisely because it showed me what some of my triggers were.

I’ve always thought if I had a girlfriend and she cheated on me I would kill the both of them. Such was how taboo I found adultery.

But in this book (where the protagonist is having an affair with his best-friend’s wife) I learned to see that even though adultery is wrong sometimes there are shades of grey.

For example both men loved the same woman. And the woman was torn between them. She had a difficult upbringing and was also torn between atheism and catholicism.

Another thing that triggered me is the idea of stealing someone’s girl. For some reason that seemed to be the main way this protagonist met women… well either that or seeing prostitutes.

I feel that after reading this I have become more ok with the world and the human condition. With “sin” as my Dad put it.


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