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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This book really grabbed my attention although though I found it triggering at times.

I found the portrayal of the small-town south quite charming. It showed me a perspective on what life was like in another country at certain time in history and I liked it. It appealed to me because I thought society had a “moral fabric”: women were women, men were men.

I thought the author did a good job of portraying this story through the eyes of a 9 year-old child. I found myself liking Jean-Louise (the protagonist) and thinking she was sweet, innocent and had a good heart.

Atticus was a stoic figure. Some may call him a hero for being a activist to end racism. I am a bit racist because I believe different races have different strengths and weaknesses and that it’s ok to use common sense to judge them to a certain point. So I found Atticus to be a bit preachy and thought that he was too much of an activist trying to rock-the-boat. It makes me wonder where someone like Atticus got his morals and values from. Since he was always reading it was probably from books.

The story surprised me. I thought the trajectory of the book was going to be about appealing Tom’s sentence. It surprised me that he was killed; I found it uncharacteristic of him to try and escape. In the end the story took a different turn that I wasn’t expecting and I was hooked listening to every word.


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